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Paws and Play: Unleashing Life with Dogs at Alexan Main Street

At Alexan Main Street, we offer the purr-fect pet-friendly amenities to make life with your furry friend as enjoyable and convenient as possible. From our spacious dog run to our luxurious pet spa, we have everything you need to ensure your pup stays happy, healthy, and clean. Embrace a lifestyle where you and your four-legged companion can thrive together in our vibrant community in Bothell, Washington.

Alexan Main Street Dog Run

At Alexan Main Street, we provide a “paw-some” and safe environment for you and your pup to play and explore. Let your furry friend have a “tail-wagging” good time in our dedicated dog run, ensuring they get the exercise and socialization they need right at home.

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Bites To Eat At Alexan Main Street

Side Hustle Brewing

Living at Alexan Main Street in Bothell, Washington means having unparalleled convenience right under your new apartment. Need a quick bite to eat but too busy to cook? Just take the elevator down to Side Hustle Brewing! When Friday finally arrives and you want to celebrate but are too exhausted to go far, stay home and venture downstairs for some...

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Man smiling while typing on his computer as he is sitting outside at Alexan Main Street.

A day in the life as an Alexan Main Street Resident

Embark on a day in the life as an Alexan Main Street resident, where each moment from sunrise to sundown unveils a world of extraordinary experiences and endless possibilities.

Morning Pick Me Up


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A beautiful spacious bathroom at Alexan Main Street featuring a full mirror and shower.

Shower Serenity: Finding Bliss at Alexan Main Street

Step into a world of luxury living at Alexan Main Street, downtown Bothell’s newest apartment community. From the moment you arrive, you’ll be immersed in a sanctuary designed for indulgence, where...

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A pool table with a beautiful scenic view of Alexan Main Street's sixth floor sky lounge

Work with a view at Alexan Main Street

Experience the best of both worlds at Alexan Main Street where productivity meets relaxation. At Alexan Main Street, working hard doesn’t have to feel demanding because everything you need is readily available and accessible, making it effortless to stay focused and be productive.

Exploring the First-Floor Co work Lounge

Imagine instant accessibility, providing a dynamic...

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